This online attendance system is designed for the entry of attendance by the faculty members. The purpose of developing attendance management system is to computerize the traditional way of attendance entry, automatic report generation at the end of each fortnight or in between the fortnights, etc.

This is completely designed, coded and ported by the in-house staff members. The features are as follows.

1.This has facility to upload
         i)The time tables of each academic section.
         ii)Staff and their respective subjects.
         iii)Course-Year wise subjects list and their subject codes.
         iv)Subjects codes mapping with JNTU subject-attendance codes.
         v)List of holidays.
         vi)Academic calendar dates.
         vii)The time tables of each academic section.

2.Entry into this online system is only through password. Separate passwords for individual faculty, individual HoD, exam section, and principal.

3.Has facility to modify / adjust the timetables of a day, when
         i)A staff member is absent/could not take class.
         ii)Classes adjusted for giving additional classes for subjects lagging in syllabus completion.
         iii)Extra classes beyond 3.30 PM, are held.
         iv)Special classes on holidays.

4.The attendance can be posted only on the current day and can't be posted on the following day or later. The posted attendance can't be modified even on the current day.

5.The attendance is effectively accounted only after confirming the day's time table by the respective HoD.

6.The faculty members can only see the attendance of their classes only.

7.HoDs can see the attendance of their departments only.

8.Councilors can see the attendance of their students only..

9.HoDs/Councilors are provided with various provisions like getting the list of students within the programmable attendance % limits, skipping in between classes of the day, etc.

10.Automatically generate attendance details as per the JNTU format per each fortnight as per programmed data.