Artificial Intellegince & Machine Learning

The department of Artificial Intellegince & Machine Learning has been started in the year 2020 with an of 60 students.. They always strive to provide quality education to the students and work hard to develop the overall personality of the students. The laboratories of the department are well developed with advanced equipment to impart the required practical training to the students. The department also contain huge computer centre with 100 systems and with registered software to impart the computing knowledge to the students. The department maintains a strong links with the infrastructure industry, academic and research institutions at the national level.


The Vision of the department is to produce competent graduates suitable for industries and organizations at global level including research and development with Social responsibility.


To provide an open environment to foster professional and personal growth with a strong theoretical and practical background having an emphasis on hardware and software development making the graduates industry ready with social ethics. Further the Department is to provide training and to partner with Global entities in education and research.