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Promotion of Gender equity:

As a women's engineering college, the institution provides a supportive environment for female students to meet the challenges of the outside world through a gender-sensitive administrative structure and welfare programs.

Measures taken to promote gender equity in the campus:

Creating awareness on gender equity and women education through guest lectures and seminars by eminent personalities like Dr. Ravi General Physician, Ms. M. Uma Rani, Sub inspector of police, Dr. Venu Madhavi, Assistant Professor, Palamuru University, Mrs. N. Swapna Priya, International boxer and Mrs. J.J. Shobha, Athletics

Gender sensitization subject is important for girl students to empower themselves, to overcome gender bias, encouraging leadership, challenging gender-based violence, breaking stereotypes and career aspirations, ensuring safe and supportive learning environments.

Educating students on Women Protection initiatives:
  • Special SHE Team drives in collaboration with TS Police.
  • Guest lectures on women's liberation.
  • Educating students on the legal regulations for the protection and wellbeing of women.
  • An organized mentorship programme to keep track of the students’ intellectual, psychological, emotional and personal development.
Providing the facilities for the Female Faculty:
  • There are more than 50% of female employees in administrative roles.
  • All female faculty members are eligible for a six months maternity leave.
  • Self-defence training is provided to female staff to help them become physically, mentally & healthy independent.
  • By implementing programmes on gender equity, raising staff awareness of the need for a more welcoming and courteous work environment.
  • Implementation of a quick resolutions process by WP & EC to address instances of sexual, psychological and physical harassment.
Safety and Security Facilities:
  • CCTV cameras are installed for 24 hours surveillance.
  • A sanitary napkin incinerator is provided for a secure and hygienic setting.
  • An ambulance and medical room for immediate medical assistance under the direction of a resident senior nurse. In an emergency, assistance is sought from Sri Kalki Hospital, Ghatkesar town. Every week, a doctor and a psychiatrist come to the College.
  • All dorm with all the amenities needed.

The institute is also well equipped with safety requirements like hydrants, sand buckets and sufficient mounting of fire extinguishers at each lab, corridor, and central store and wherever required.

List of the programmes to the promotion of gender equity for last five years
S. No Title of the program Date
01 Awareness Program on Health Issues 22-03-2022
02 Women’s Day Celebration 08-03-2022
03 Importance of Women Education 25-09-2021

S. No Title of the program Date
01 Women’s Day Celebration 08-03-2021
02 webinar on “NEVERGIVEUP" 06-12-2021

S.No Title of the Program Date
01 Girl Child Education in India 16-09-2019
02 Thinking about sexual violence 19-09-2019
03 Beti Bachao Beti padhao 20-02-2020
04 Gender spectrum beyond the binary program 27-04-2020

S.No Title of the Program Date
01 Legal awareness program on women safety 13-07-2018
02 Sahaja yoga and personality development 10-10-2018
03 Social Injustice of women in India 20-01-2019
04 Entrepreneurship 07-03-2019

S.No Title of the program Date
01 Gender discrimination at work places-promoting 13-07-2017
02 Drug Awareness 18-11-2017
03 Debate Session on Gender Equity 05-01-2018
04 Women Empowerment-2k18 10-04-2018